Home Sweet Home

At Home – Hotels – At Work – Events

Invite expertise to your door and transform your space into a sanctuary of serenity.

You will find relief through unique therapeutic massage & herbal medicine formulas.

Let's Design Your Therapy Together

Stay at home and open your doors to tailor-made therapeutic support from an experienced herbal medicine practitioner & home massage therapist.

Do you also dream of a healing experience that goes beyond your expectations?
That is my commitment. I wish to go beyond the usual standards and avoid the disappointments and frustrations that are all too common, by providing you with a personalised, therapeutic massage in an authentic connection, with pressure perfectly tailored to your preferences, adapted to your needs and that relieves your tensions, far from the often standardised and soulless model.

Do forget about spending your time, energy & money travelling to your appointment, just when you are looking for some precious relaxation. Nothing should compromise your comfort.

The hope of well-being, far away from persistent tensions and chronic symptoms, can be reborn.

You have come to the right place. 


Passionate about therapeutic care and human encounters, I have developed throughout my journey my own signature therapeutic massage as well as my expertise in phytotherapy. As the founder of Home Sweet Home Massage , then company owner and manager of a team of 5 therapists at Mash Massage, and guided by ambition, a concern for perfect service, an eye for detail and the desire to offer an exceptional, unique and holistic experience, I decided to continue this path on my own. Nowadays, I devote myself entirely to my clientele, drawing on all my experience and a strong support network.


More than a simple home massage and phytotherapy advice service, I have developed unique offers directly based on my several years of work with you. I start by coming to you, directly to the place of your choice to save you some precious time, I then offer you my unconditional listening skills & my acute insight as I hear your words and perceive your tensions. I then put my perfectionism, rigour and experience to the service of your healing, through a holistic and lasting results-oriented approach. My formulas are unique and composed with care.


Since 2021, the reputation of Home Sweet Home Massage has been well established. Therefore, I constantly have at heart the trust of my loyal customers and premium partners as I strive to live up to their praise.

Are you an English speaker ? Home Sweet Home Massage is bilingual.