Your time is your most precious asset

And I am in a better position than anyone to understand this. I have always considered my time and yours as a limited resource with incredible potential. I come to your home to save you this logistical time and to provide you as directly as possible with the keys to unlocking your full potential through an offer based on several years of contact with you.

Massage à domicile

Identity and concept

My name is Leana Hirt, a qualified massage therapist and phytotherapist, founder of Home Sweet Home Massage & manager of Mash Massage. I was raised bilingual in French and English, and I am also fluent in Swiss-German, German and Mongolian.

At the age of 16, I studied for one year at the Faculty of Medicine, followed by two years at a naturopathy school in Geneva and Lausanne. I began my career in home massage and made it my specialty by rapidly building up my reputation in the Geneva and Vaud areas. My taste for excellent service and my love for my profession quickly opened the doors to 5-star establishments and the top-of-the-range accommodation of an active and demanding clientele. 

I then acquired Mash Massage and became a leading home massage provider in Geneva, and the manager of a team of 5 massage therapists. This company management experience satisfied my taste for challenge, allowed me to acquire multiple skills on my own, enriched my network and enabled me to extend my field of action whilst gaining the trust of more premium partners. 

Having initially been the victim of my own success and absorbed in the quest to satisfy customer demand, then through the entrepreneurial adventure, the numbers, management of the team and customer service, I then took a step back and looked for ways of achieving my original ambition. I missed drawing up and developing my own identity by acting in my own name in the field, as well as I missed the little-known, poorly used, and much-needed practice of phytotherapy.

My greatest aspiration is to develop a real and unique form of therapeutic support that is in tune with my personality, and far from the ‘one shot’ relaxation approach. To offer quality which is incompatible with the race for quantity, giving yourself time and space, helping active and ambitious people to free themselves from the things which limit and hinder the fulfillment of their dreams and goals, getting to the root of what ails them and looking after a clientele who place their trust and loyalty in me, reflecting on the development of a holistic offer which enables them to find long-term balance and wellness, beyond instant relief: this is what I have created. 

I am also developing a new direction focused on corporate and event massage, by multiplying the contexts to which I can bring my expertise. 

And above all, I never forget the essence of my profession: the love of human encounters.