Massage and herbal medicine
at home

Let's bring out your full potential

« Often the hands will solve a problem the brain has struggled with in vain. »


Experience a privileged moment of relaxation & treat yourself to an interlude of tranquillity through the art of massage. 



45-minute massage 

Either relaxing or therapeutic, fully body or targeted area of your choice 

Would you like to extend this moment of wellbeing? Choose a 60, 75, 90 or 120-minute massage with a rate of CHF 25 for each additional 15 minutes.

Ideal for a first contact, an occasional pleasure, a 100% massage passion, a gift idea for a loved one, a memorable birthday surprise…

Duo Uplift Experience : 290.-


Elixir, definition: “The quintessence or absolute embodiment of something.”



A 30-minute session of herbal medicine ‎‎counseling, before the massage

A 90-minute massage, in a scented Oud wood candlelit atmosphere

Rest phase on the table after the massage

Formulation of a phytotherapy prescription, to collect from a pharmacy

Follow-up with me by message or phone call on day 3 and day 21 after the session

Relieving the symptoms is good. Working on their causes is better! Get to the root of your aches & let herbal medicine accompany you in between each session.

Duo Elixir Experience : 650.-


« Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” (WHO)



Four 90-minute massages, scheduled into the month

A 30-minute session of herbal medicine counseling before the first massage & formulation of a tailored prescription

Remedies are fetched and delivered to your door entirely free of charge

Ongoing face-to-face & remote support (messages or phone calls from me) to evaluate the effect of the massages and remedies over the course of a month

Adjustment of the phytotherapy prescription after 3 weeks, if necessary

Complete, highly personalised “Home Phyt’Home Massotherapy” support in the form of a 30-day package. In between sessions, let the prescribed plants accompany you. Experience support in your everyday life. 

This offer is fully customisable. If you would like a package of 4 massages without phytotherapy counseling, and/or shorter or longer massages, please do not hesitate to contact me for a tailor made quote. 

All offers include

travel to your home

large & comfortable massage table

a set of soft, pleasant towels & pillows

a musical playlist played through a speaker

as well as a range of massage oils.

Thoughtful Gift

The gift voucher

Mailed by priority post within 48 hours following the order.

Idée cadeau massage Genève

Almost nothing! Enough space for the massage table, and 30 minutes in addition to the treatment duration, to cover set-up time, tidying up and discussion. Massage timings include hands-on time, excluding delays.

The massage is carried out with oil, so the receiver is nude (with or without underwear) under the sheets. In all cases, your privacy is respected, as you are covered at all times.

Over the course of my career, I have developed my own signature, therapeutic massage. Originally trained in Swedish massage, I now combine classical, therapeutic, deep tissue, sports, californian and lomi-lomi massage techniques. 

I am trained in prenatal massage, so do not hesitate to have massage and phytotherapy treatments so that you can enjoy your pregnancy with peace of mind. I am also experienced in kid massage, children are therefore welcome on the massage table! However, I do not offer phytotherapy sessions before adolescence.

An appointment can be cancelled up to 24 hours in advance. After this time, the treatment is due up to 100%.

Herbal medicine or Phytotherapy

La phytothérapie est le traitement par les plantes médicinales

Herbal medicine, otherwise known as phytotherapy, is a therapeutic treatment based on plants, their extracts and natural active ingredients, with the aim to heal, relieve or prevent an illness. Remedies are administered orally (herbal teas, fluid extracts, pills).
From the most serious pathologies to minor worries of the everyday, on its own or in combination with medical treatments, to relieve one or several symptoms…
– stress
– chronic pain
– heart problems
– hormonal problems
– female cycle disorders
– and much more,
Enjoy a phytotherapy session for a health check and we will prepare a comprehensive phytotherapy treatment plan for the next few months. 
It is possible to work on any physical or mental health problem to reduce your symptoms.